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RE: [at-l] Sleeping Bag for Tossing & Turning

Some companies, Feathered Friends and Integral Designs come to mind, are
happy to make "wide" versions of their bags.  A wider bag weighs more, but
may allow you to turn easily INSIDE the bag.  If you would rather turn WITH
the bag, I suspect they would be happy to make one with equal fill on the
top and bottom.

-- Jim

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From: Timothy Clough [mailto:tmclough@iname.com]

I am looking for a sleeping bag that is user friendly to a person (like
myself) who tosses and turns a lot before falling asleep, and again and
again throughout the night.

What features should I look for? (Some bags, for instance, have less
insulation on the "bottom" than the "top", which for me could be anywhere.)
Does anybody have any particular brands/models that you have found helpful?
I still haven't made up mind over down vs. synthetic, so suggestions for
both are acceptable.
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