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[at-l] Southbounder Mini-Report from SW Virginia

Spent a fantastic weekend hiking in SW Virginia, and by luck spent Saturday
night at Jenkins Shelter (south of Bland) with two southbounders who are
likely near the end of the southbound Class of '98 . . .

Well, make that four southbounders.

There was Oxymoron and his Lab/Pit Bull/who knows what else.  And Tangent
Man with the largest Great Dane I've ever seen.  Large enough almost to ride
from Maine to Georgia.  They are having some of the most incredible good
luck weather-wise for hiking so late in the "season," and hope to make
Springer in mid-January.

Missed Felix by a day or two.  He was due in the Atkins area Saturday night
according to the shelter register.  Seemed to be hiking solo, at least on
that day.

Oxymoron and Tangent Man said to pass on a big hello to Pittsburgh, Kahley,
Choovers, Slyman, Navigator, and the others he spent a memorable night with
at 501 Shelter in PA.


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