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Re: [at-l] Re: at-l Hiker Anon


The first time I flew from Pa to Fla I was sooo excited....
and scared.  I have a cousin who was an attendent and
had been through TWO crashes.  She lost some toes
due to frostbite as she walked out of a swamp barefooted, one
Christmeas eve.  Feeling that she had sucked out all the
familiy's bad luck re flying , and with my hiking boots FIRMLY
tied on my feet,  I finally slid into the window seat so I could watch
the Appalachains slide beneath the plane.
Boy was I bummed when I discovered that most of the flight was
over water.  And me without my swim fins <g>  k./\


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>  Whenever you travel on the east coast you try to pick out where your route
> crosses the AT, even when you're flying, and make everyone on the plane look down at it...

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