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[at-l] I've had enough

If I have an animal spirit, it must be the bear. With the shorter days,
all I want to do is eat high fat, high sugar foods and sleep till
I fight these desires until January when even the teensiest increase in
daylight restores my energy.  So it's not unusual for me to drag myself
to the trail with hopes the wonders of the woods and the wild can
rejuvinate my lagging spirits.

It's not working this year....

Obviously, there is no bite to the air....no envigorating chill
to move my sorry butt up the hills.  No snow to refresh the scenery.
But I think it's more than that.  I think the woods are tired.

They have done their yearly work.  Last spring they roused and
as the sap flowed and pushed new buds, they shook off the winter
and covered the canopy with leaves of shade to protect the forest
floor from the sun. They moved another inch into the sky and the
birds hid and raised their young.  They filled the world with oxygen
and cleasned the toxins.  As summer waned, the put forth a bounty
of hazelnuts and beechnuts and acorns to feed the four foots.  And all
this they have done with the precious little water which has falled from

this years stingy skys.

They have done their work but they cannot rest.  The oddness of the
weather disturbs them.  Just like a hiker on a hot July nite, they find
just too hot to sleep  They are tired and thirsty and ready for their
winter's rest.  They are bored.  Their ennui fills the air and saps my
will.  The dust of the trail clouds my eyes amd my spirit.

I am a creature of the seasons and I vote with the trees....it's time
for a

I fully expect my scroogesque reaction to this warm spell to garner
as many flames as i did late last September when I begged the peepers
to shut up.  k./\

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
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