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Re: [at-l] two emails a post

In a message dated 12/6/98 8:36:34 AM MST, patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu writes:

<< Perhaps I'm not figuring out the configuration, but it seems my options 
 are to respond to the sender only or to respond to all to get my 
 response posted on the list. This means that the sender gets it once as 
 the sender and once again as a member of the list. Otherwise, I have to 
 start fresh, and that sometimes makes it harder for others to follow a 
 thread.  >>

I'd always wondered why folks responded both to the individual and to the
list. Sometimes i only want to respond to the person and i simply hit reply.
If i want to respond to the list i'll hit reply and then delete the sender's
address and type in the list address. A little more work, but avoids extra

Second Chance
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