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Re: [at-l] I've got it bad...

Hi all,

It's something like 82 degrees here in south Louisiana. Sun is shining, sky is
perfect, and there's a breeze blowing. I think it has cooled off a little this
afternoon; this morning when I walked outside, the breeze was warm and muggy.
It felt like a June morning--a Louisiana June morning, no less!

The early morning was spent sitting outside in the courtyard of my coffee shop
sipping coffee with a friend while planning a trip to Mississippi's Black
Creek Trail for later this month. Birds were hopping from branch to branch in
the trees, singing away--youda thunk it was spring or summer, except for the
brown leaves blowing in the wind and the Christmas lights winding in and out
of the tree branches.

Later I went to Tunica Hills, a wooded area north of Baton Rouge, and hiked
around for a few hours. It was positively HOT, and there were tons of
mosquitos (Oops, forgot about mosquitos! Ah, gotta love Louisiana in December!
Yup, this is what we call "winter hiking" down here. Didn't run into any
allimagators, though. :) )

My left knee has kept me from going on any weekend trips for the last two
weeks, and I have been watching perfect weekend by perfect weekend go by while
I wait to see the doctor (this Tuesday, finally!). Had to cancel out on a trip
this weekend, but I'll be in the woods in two weeks. If the temp drops about
10 degrees but otherwise stays the same, it'll be just PERFECT.

Hope y'all are enjoying this as much as I am! Now if only I could get
motivated to go Christmas shopping ...

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