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[at-l] Store-bought Freeze Dried Chicken

REI-Outlet had a sale on Backpacker's Pantry Freeze Dried Chicken so I
got some at 99 cents per 1oz package. 

A 1oz package of freeze-dried chicken is about enough to mix with one
heaping serving of Mac&Cheese. If you'd mix it with one of the
extra-large deluxe Mac&Cheese packages (say Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
The Cheesiest) then you'd add two freeze-dried chicken packages.

The freeze-dried chicken turned out pretty good. I was surprised.
Looked a little weird coming out of the package (it was white) and I
should have pre-soaked the chicken a little but overall the packaged
freeze-dried chicken was pretty good.

Weight is about 1.3 oz for the freeze dried packages (each) vs 4 oz
for a small tin of easy open tuna fish. So for me with 4 days of food
that would be a savings of about 8 oz (3 packages or 3 tins). 

Well I went back to order some more freeze-dried chicken packages for
my Florida Trail hike in January and the price went to something like
$5.99 per package vs the 99 cents I paid for the first two packages.

So back to tuna fish until the price comes back down again.

I suppose I could freeze-dry my own chicken but then again, there are
those insurance claims that seem to accompany my indoor cooking. Makes
$5.99 a package look might inexpensive now that I think about it!


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