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[at-l] Weekend, water, thru-hiker, new pack

Hi Gang,

	I just got back! Woodelf and Ratboy dropped me off at 43 about 10:00
Saturday. I walked abt 9 miles to Wilson creek Shelter and spent the
night there with "Grunt" a South Bounder that started August 30th. Today
I walked the 11 miles to 220 "Daleville", boy was it HOT.
	Grunt had been walking with "Patch" who met his wife at 43 and took a
day off. I met Patch just north of the Inn @ The Long Trail the same day
I met Felix, Pokey, Ke Ka Ha Be and Rock Dancer.
	WATER REPORT: No water at Thunder Hill Shelter, water is at the
following Shelters, Cornilious Creek, Bryant Ridge, Boblets Gap, Wilson
Creek. The cistern is dry at Fulhardt Knob , I guess Peggy is making
sure its dry, she is camped at the base of the mountain, off the AT.
There is Water in three creeks between Wilson Creek Shelter and Fulhardt
Knob. The first creek .7 South of Wilson Shelter and the third being
Curry Creek. Also the little spring on the AT about 1/2 mile north of
Wilson Shelter has water. There are other creeks flowing between
Fulhardt Knob and 220 but would need treating (Cow pastures).
	I tried out my new pack. My first of the infernal frame or spineless
packs:-). I purchased the Lowe Snow Peak 50 from Sierra Trading Post
$50. , 3000 cubic inches, 3#5oz with all the junk attached (climbing
gear straps etc.). I expect to get to 3# by removing a lot of straps. My
pack weighed in at 19# when I got home. I started with abt 26# with 2.5
liters of H2O as I was expecting much dryer conditions.
	I also splurged and bought another piece of gear. A thermarest ultra
light full length, 1# 7 oz that's 1/2 pound heaver than one closed cell
pad but it was nice to fit everything inside the pack.
	Since it was so hot an old idea reappeared to me ~:-) In very hot
weather Gaiters really make your feet much hotter. I was using my OR
short Gaiters. All I really needed was something to keep tiny sticks
etc. out of my boots. I am going to try using the legs or arms off old
poly pro long johns as a mesh highly breathable gaiter! they also make
nice hats:-) 
	Pack Covers, don't use them, just 1/4 pound of extra weight. Put your
dry stuff in a trash bag, water want hurt the rest, spray your pack to
make it more water resistant as not to pick up extra water weight.


Charles W. Davidson (WB4PAN)
Axton, Virginia
AOL Instant Messenger Name: wb4pan
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