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Re: [at-l] I've got it bad...

Go ahead, pour some more salt into those wounds. Twist that knife just
as little bit more. 

Moan,  I just went out and picked a _tomatoe_ off the vine. It just
isn't right.

Atlanta, GA

cindi prudhomme wrote:
> Wow! Wish I were there - last night we got some freezing rain (which was
> quite pretty as it stayed on the trees in little miniature icicles) and
> the temperature was around 20F.  Today is rain, drizzle, and more rain,
> accompanied by a half decent fog, the likes of which I've not seen since I
> lived down east! :)  And yup, don't I wish I were hiking.  Especially
> since the alternative is studying for finals! =:-0
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