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Re: [at-l] I've got it bad...

Bill Thorneloe writes:
> This weekend was miserable in Georgia. Heat into the mid-70's.

> Pat Villeneuve wrote:
> > 
> > Yesterday was a glorious day in Kansas--blue skies and 60s.

Wow! Wish I were there - last night we got some freezing rain (which was
quite pretty as it stayed on the trees in little miniature icicles) and
the temperature was around 20F.  Today is rain, drizzle, and more rain,
accompanied by a half decent fog, the likes of which I've not seen since I
lived down east! :)  And yup, don't I wish I were hiking.  Especially
since the alternative is studying for finals! =:-0

Take care,

Cindi Prudhomme
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
Email address: cprudhom@chat.carleton.ca
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