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Re: [at-l] Poles

>I have Leki Super Malakus.  I used to use ski poles.  As far as
I have noticed
>so far , there are 4 advantages to justify the cost.  Anyone
else have more?

One that surprised me - contrary to what I'd heard, these aren't
as noisy, maybe, as some others I have read about. Twice within
the past few months I've been hiking and flushed deer from
cover - both times at distances of less than 50 yards. Beautiful!
I think I was close enough to the deer that they would have
jumped and run irregardless of the pole noise - I feel it was
simply a human traveling through the woods in close proximity
that caused them to move. The first time was moving quickly on a
steep downhill, towards the end of a quick, 12 mile hike - a time
when I was tired (and not as careful as I would be otherwise) to
keep it quiet. I vote "For", and I really like the other features
choovers mentions... I will admit that, price-wise at least, they
are best as a gift! :-)

Kurt Russell
Wanderlust Outdoor Gear
Come see the 1.5 lb Nomad lite shelter!

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