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Re: [at-l] Air travel with a pack

"The Blister Sisters" have tried all kinds of methods for preparing
backpacks for taking on planes.  B.J. takes off the fanny pack and uses it
as her carry-on luggage.  The rest of the pack, which she checks, is
wrapped in a Hefty bag to which she adds rope handles.  We have both used
the cardboard suit carriers, but find them to be a lot of trouble, as we
then have to repack and reassemble our packs.  The best way, for me, has
been to hand over my completely packed pack to the agent, who then tosses
it into a cardboard bin, where it travels until I pick it up at my
destination.  The only item forbidden is fuel...naturally.  I thoroughly
air out my Whisperlite and Sigg bottle, and pick up fuel after deplaning.
We're always a little nervous until we see our packs on the luggage
carousel, but we've had no troubles so far.  Hope this helps.


   At 06:26 PM 12/5/98 EST, MManzano@aol.com wrote:
>Could anyone tell me about air travel with a backpack?  How do you secure the
>belt as well as shoulder and compression straps?  I have gone by train to a
>trailhead or in a vehicle, but never by air, and I'm wondering how to manage
>it.  Any suggestions?
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