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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bag for Tossing & Turning

A little more on sleeping comfortably...
-I was told that the secret to a mummy is to move WITH the bag, rather 
than moving INSIDE the bag. It's a skill I never learned. After waking 
up a few too many times with the zipper pinned under my back and my face 
buried in the hood, I moved on to the approach OrangeBug seems to be 
-When conditions permit, unzip your bag. Put your feet in the foot box 
and spread the rest of the bag over you as though using a blanket. Gives 
you no coverage on your pad, however, and may not work well in cooler 
-Someone also suggested spiking down your sleeping bag. I'd rather go 

Give Me Chocolate

Bill Thorneloe wrote:
> This is  the reason for a mummy bag. you can move around as much as you like,
> but some of the leg movements of a regular bed are just out of the question. If
> I have hiked far enough to get tired, just about anywhere is comfortable,
> especially if you have a good air pad under you (although many people like the
> closed cell foam pads). The usual issue is finding a bag that works for the
> temperature, and your own preference for warmth. I like to bring a small
> Polartec blanket, and keep the bag zipped up only partially.
> With down bags, you can often shift the down around the baffles to get more
> lower or up on top of you. This gets into the whole thing of how helpful a down
> bag is relative to an artificial stuffing. In general, you get what you pay
> for. (Western Mountaineering Puma bag for me).
> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
> Timothy Clough wrote:
> > I am looking for a sleeping bag that is user friendly to a person (like
> > myself) who tosses and turns a lot before falling asleep, and again and
> > again throughout the night.
> >
> > What features should I look for? (Some bags, for instance, have less
> > insulation on the "bottom" than the "top", which for me could be anywhere.)
> > Does anybody have any particular brands/models that you have found helpful?
> > I still haven't made up mind over down vs. synthetic, so suggestions for
> > both are acceptable.
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