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Re: [at-l] i am looking at treking poles...

I have the REI poles, and like them a great deal. They do not have the shock
absorbers and Latte dispenser of the Leki's, but that hasn't usually been a

The key thing is to learn how they work. They are not a significant weight
issue, as they usually support you, than become something that you carry. You
sling them ahead as you move forward, only carefully placing them on rock
scrambles or similar poor footing. They do help your knees, at least in the
first few days of a hike.

Highly recommended. I am very interested in the recent tent that uses poles for
supports. This seems like an incredibly obvious idea, after the fact.

Atlanta, GA

Paul Miller wrote:

> i see this leki stuff and i also see rei stuff. i was streered away from
> krombells (the german ones) or whatever many times already.
> are rei brands any good.. i know leki make quality things (or so people say)
> but i want to know has any one bought these slighty heavier(3 oz a pair i
> think) REI trekking poles and have anythign good to say? OR BAD for that
> matter
> ....

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