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Re: [at-l] The Secret Place

It sounds great. I am sorry we will have to start a flame war with you
over your decision to use neither Iodine or filters, and callously put
your lips directly on a suspect water source! ;-)

Ern Grover wrote:

>  I've always wanted to have a "secret place", a retreat, a refuge, if
> you will.....In the meantime, I've built a shelter which should stand
> for a few years.  To get to it, one has to go down a lonely country
> road.  A dirt road used by loggers many years ago leads into dense
> forestation for approximately a mile.  Just before the end, I follow a
> small brook which crosses this road.  Within a 1/4 mile I come to
> another brook, which has the sweetest spring water you'd ever want to
> put your lips to. It's been said that "ice cold Coke on the back of
> your throat" is a wonderful experience, but my vote is still with some
> sparkling spring water, cold and icy as it dribbles down my chin.
> Those icy droplets will open your eyes and make your taste buds
> tingle.....

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