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Re: [at-l] Air travel with a pack

MManzano@aol.com wrote:
> Could anyone tell me about air travel with a backpack?  How do you secure the
> belt as well as shoulder and compression straps?  I have gone by train to a
> trailhead or in a vehicle, but never by air, and I'm wondering how to manage
> it.  Any suggestions?
> Gypsy


We've been using dufflebags for our trips out west. I've also wrapped my
pack in garbage bags and rope, but that didn't work all that well - the
rope got caught in something and the top bag came off - everything in
the pack came pouring out.  Fortunately, a kind airport employee put
everything back but the ridgerest, which I replaced at Neels Gap.  

One thing to remember when flying - no fuel, and a used stove may get
confiscated.  (of course, if your duffle bag looks like one of those
used to hold golf clubs, you may get by.)  Last summer we mailed our
stove to ourselves at the hotel where we stayed before starting our
hike, then mailed it home at the end of the hike. Never had anyone ask -
but we also know of people who had their stoves taken at the airport

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