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Re: [at-l] i am looking at treking poles...

Paul Miller wrote:
> i see this leki stuff and i also see rei stuff. i was streered away from
> krombells (the german ones) or whatever many times already.
> are rei brands any good.. i know leki make quality things (or so people say)
> but i want to know has any one bought these slighty heavier(3 oz a pair i
> think) REI trekking poles and have anythign good to say? OR BAD for that
> matter
> it is much cheaper than the leki and i am not to fond of wood ones... i have
> had many bad experiences with them breaking without a pack on.  but if i can
> not deside i will just do the wood thing anyway. i will just find thicker
> wood i suppose.  with the pack though i am uncertain i really am not sure if
> i use the sticks right anyway i feel i am not really getting much out of the
> sticks except on the uphills and tricky footings..  that is why i want the
> modern allumium things. i will carry around more weight but when i need the
> things no searching around for a sutable peice of wood i can just pull em
> out.  and hey maybe i will get to know them better and i will them be able
> to use them on downhills and flats to my advantage to.
> any ideas .. i am hoping to get many ideas on this... just tell me what you
> think and i will deside for myself.   right now i just use nothing but leg
> but i fear that will enventually mess up my knees

We use ski poles picked up at garage sales, swap meets, etc. The last
two sets cost us $5.00/pair.  They last a long time, are very strong,
are very light, and can be used to clear the trail of fallen branches as
you walk. Try that with $90 Makalus!

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