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RE: [at-l] Potable Aqua Label

Buy one of those vacuum sealers that I saw advertised on QVC...

> Last winter I prepackaged all my breakfast food and gorp in zip lock bags.
> They appear to be airtight but there apparently is some air
> leakage through
> the plastic itself or the zip lock.  Anyhow, from sitting around
> so long, the
> gorp and cereals were stale by the time I started eating them.
> After a few
> weeks I told my wife not to send anymore gorp.  (Stale peanuts aren't
> appetizing even when you're hungry).  The cereal was edible.  The
> dinners I
> dehydrated were stored in the freezer until mailed so that turned
> out alright.
> If I would do it over again, I would have the cereals and gorp
> prepared just
> before mailing to try to ensure freshness.

Lee I Joe

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