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[at-l] Re: at-l pack covers

I get this list via digest so I don't go into email overload - this
probably seems wierd to some of us here but I actually have interests and
do stuff outside of "hiking" (not, ya know, backpacking, just little 3 year
jaunts in da woods) - ok, ok, I recognize given udder threads (HAA) this is
unlikely but possible, mebbe....... Anyway, da pack cover thread (tread?)
has been rully coo-ul - I tried da trash bags but dey got trashed,
externally. Still do 'em internally, still get wet. Maybe we're all doomed
to wetness anyway, but I wanna be dry. Really dry. (This is a purgatory
thing mebbe).
Here's my other thing. Pockets. Gotta have em. With little loops and
special zippers and pockets inside to put special things. And then
everything has to be in its certain pocket. If its not I'm lost, I spend
hours recirculating stuff from pocket to pocket to be sure I know where it
is, so I won't be lost. This is almost anti-ultralight but at the same time
it is ultralight. Special stuff (gear, gotta have it), but not too much
(gotta have it).
Ya know?
Is it all marketing? Are we all sucked up to the great marketing gods
(prob'ly not goddesses, huh)? Get back to bedroll and a canvas bag full of
hardtack and tofu jerky.
Wow, I think its pretty postmodern in here.
Has it been too long since I've been on the trail?
Cool, the Campmor catalog just came......
Fearless (Perhaps Postmodern) Phil

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