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[at-l] For the class of 99

Some useful information from Auntie Coosa:

Would you please post something on the AT-L for me for next year's

The Hillcrest Family Care II Walk-In Clinic in Hiawassee is accessible
from Unicoi Gap or Dick's Creek Gap, for hikers who have medical 
while hiking in that area.  The fees are approximately 1/3 what it would
cost at the Emergency Room at the local hospital.  The clinic is open
Mon-Fri from 8-5 and Sat mornings.  Alan Ball, the physician's 
is an avid rock climber, interested in hiking and welcomes any AT hikers
who may need medical attention.  He's experienced in Trauma, Primary 
and Surgery.  The number there is 706-896-7087.  The address is 120 
St, Suite B, Hiawassee, GA  30546.
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