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Re: [at-l] No pack cover

In a message dated 12/5/98 8:31:37 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
woodelf@juno.com writes:

> I've been following the pack cover thread. And thought I'd mention that a
>  couple of garbage bags on the inside can save a lot of weight. Haven't
>  use a cover in years, used to use garbage bag covers but they didn't last
>  very long, so I put they inside.

That's a valid idea, and a very good one at that, as long as your pack is made
of of nylon or another such material that doesn't soak up water.  My current
pack is made out of cordura which gets heavy when wet.  

Last year, I misplaced my ATC pack cover ( black, which had a reversible
hunter orange inside, a great idea) and went to a garbage bag for temporary
replacement, which worked fine, but as Woodelf states didn't last that long.
Used on the outside I sliced the replacement cover to allow for my shoulder
straps.  Once sliced a bag will lose it's integrity.  If ones inclined to use
a plastic bag as a pack cover, and wants to save weight, a few spares in mail
drops on a long hike, would be a good idea.

On the AT, which for the most part is a wet trail, I prefer to carry a
commercial pack cover and believe it's worth the extra few onces.  This year I
replaced my lost cover with an OR that has shock cord to fit tightly around my
pack and appears to be very durable.  I'll be hiking on the PCT next year and
from all indications has a lot less rain than the AT.   I'll go with a heavy
duty plastic bag and mail drop some replacements.


PS  For Hikers Anon: You know you're addicted (or perhaps hopelessly beat up)
when you leave your Lekis by the staircase!

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