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RE: [at-l] No pack cover

I've had the same thought. I use mesh bags (usually from fruit) to organize
similar camp activities and clothing, and keep ziplocks or small "trash" bags
for food, matches, first aid gear, trash, and the emergency dry clothes. I
believe in the expensive freezer siplocks. I keep a garbage sack around my down
bag, inside the stuff sack. I carry a pack cover due to my desire to keep maps
dry and such, but this tends to make water and quick gear tougher to get to.
(I've got a North Face bag with enough loops, side pockets, connections, and
whazits to circle to globe 3 times).

I've just about decided ponchos are not the way to go, but wet weather gear
that is light and warm enough to also serve as hiking clothing. I haven't found
a poncho that adequately covers me and the pack, and I suspect keeping an
emergency space blanket (Mylar) is an effective way to keep an emergency tarp
that the poncho also serves.

Do people find enough rain water gets in to create a puddle, or is the rain
problem primarily due to high humidity and moisture from setting the pack down?

Atlanta, GA

At 09:53 AM 12/5/1998 -0600, L. Clayton Parker wrote:
>> Hi Kiddies,
>> I've been following the pack cover thread. And thought I'd mention that a
>> couple of garbage bags on the inside can save a lot of weight. Haven't
>I don't understand, with all of the zip lock bags I use, there really isn't
>much left to get wet...

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