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[at-l] Potable Aqua Label

Well I feel like I'm on the final leg of my preparation. It's December. I'm
piling up a mountain of food prepackaged in Breakfast Luch/Snack and Dinner
Zip-locks. I've tested every piece of gear I'm bringing in real world
situations, and I stopped by EMS to pick up a a bottle of Potable Aqua to add to
my kit - in case my filter breaks down.

As I was standing in line with the yuppies buying multi-colored, fleece lined,
Gortex kneesocks as Christmas presents, I happened to read the packaging.  Here
are some of the interesting things I found:

  [Tablets] are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water.

  ...they make most water bacteriologically suitable for drinking.
  Not to be used on a continuous basis. 

  For short term or limited use only.

  ...have not been tested for effectiveness at inactivating Cryptosporidium

  1 tablet ... makes one quart of water ... safe to drink. (2 tablets if
  Giardia is suspected).

  WARNING: Tablets may be harmful if swallowed. ... Avoid contamination of 
  food. Wash after handling. ... In case of contact with eyes, flush
  thoroughly with water. Call a physician.

It goes on to say that if the water is cold, particularly dirty, or Giardia is
suspected to be present, use 2 tablets and wait 20 minutes.

Although I'll use it in a pinch, and my opinions on using iodine for any length
of time have been expressed over and over again so I won't repeat them here, I
thought I would reprint the warnings from the manufacturer for those of you
planning to use it for 6 months...

Just be careful out there.

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