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Re: [at-l] Cheap & safe pack cover

Although I have nothing against the garbage bag approach, I switched to a $10,
coated nylon pack cover a few years ago and even with hard use it's still in
perfect condition.  

Before my purchase, I snagged a trash-bag pack cover on a downed tree limb,
rendering it useless on a particularly wet hike (5 days of constant rain). Being
out with a number of inexperienced hikers on this trip, my spare trash bags had
alrady been turned into makeshift ponchos and pack covers for others who were
not as prepared as I was. I ended up with the water in my pack - not them. Go figure.

My new motto when it comes to gear is that I'm frugal, but I'm not cheap :).

-Paddler (100 days and counting!)

Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
>  I always line my pack with garbage bags. But a cover outside to me is a must.
> To safe $ and weight use lawn-size bags. For hunting season safety, use the
> bright orange Lawn Pumpkin type they sell at Halloween. The day after
> Halloween is a great time to buy them on sale.
> take care
> TJ
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