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[at-l] Bears. harvesting

Hi Gang,

I know a certain bear (solar) was upset about the reports of the size 
of bears harvested by hunters.  Well the local paper mentioned that 
between 1993 and 1997 hunters had shot 400+ of their fellow hunters, 
killing approximately 20 of them.  This is in PA.  I think that the 
deer and bear are safe, the hunters are too busy killing off each 

As a side note I used to have a bumper sticker that read Help 
Conserve Hunters, Harvest One Yearly.  None of my Hunter friends took 
offense to the sticker.  One of them gave me a bumper stricker that 
read Support PETA; People Eating Tastey Animals.  I no longer display 
the latter bumper sticker.  Apparently the PETA people lack a sense 
of humor.

In PA hike on Sundays.  THere is no hunting allowed on Sundays.  
Watch out for the bears thought.

Grey Owl
Set a new high temp record, heading to the beach tomorrow.

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