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Re: [at-l] Bear Season Report

Well, that's simple, Kahley - I didn't mention everyone who left EARLY (say, 2:00 or 3:00am?)Only the ones I remember (this may be fuzzy . . . it wasn't Moosehead, but hey . . . <g>) still being around closer to 4:30am - although in truth, I think there were only 5 of us left at that time - and due to the stress of keeping guard over Solar Bear, one of those 5 (not me) never did go to sleep that night.  One of them DID NOT light a fire in the vestibule of his extremely lightweight tent (not me).  One of them DID NOT tell any Pittsburgh stories (not me) and the other one was VERY TALL, a GIANT in fact. . .(definitely not me) not that I'm mentioning any names . . . ;) (kind of reminds me of a logic problem . . . )

The Redhead
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On Fri, 04 Dec 1998 11:48:19   kahley7 wrote:
>Having enjoyed the company of the below on that memorable nite, I'd be proud to share such mention as has been made <g>.  But I just wanna know, how much the others who were in attendance had to pay to keep their names off the rogue's gallery? Signed with head held high <VVBG>> k./\


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