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[at-l] Re: A Hiker's Purgatory

>Somebody else will have to come up with the 7th Circle... i'm
fresh out of
>ideas. Walk with Dante,

7 idea - Left Gear: Having camped in a valley, you pack up and
begin a steep climb as you head up the Trail. Up, up, steep up,
and then over the top to an equally perilous, muddy, rocky,
root-strewn descent. At the bottom on the other side, 3 miles
away, you remember you left your stove back at the last camp.
Turn around, back up up and over, down down to the former
campsite. You take another piece of your gear out of the pack,
put your stove in where it always goes, button up your pack, and
start that climb again. On the other side, you remember that you
forgot to place the removed gear back into the pack. Back you go,
only to remove gear to replace forgotten gear which you always
pack under it, and leave the next item behind. And so on. (Did I
mention this is all in cold, driving rain? And that last night
you ate the last of your food because today's a town day? And
your boots are worn out, offering no protection from water or
ground obstacles?)

 - from Indianapolis, "The Birthplace of Purgatory"  :-)

Kurt Russell
Wanderlust Outdoor Gear

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