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[at-l] Split A Wholesale Order Of Esbit Fuel Tabs?

I've had the opportunity to use the Esbit "stove" and Esbit fuel tabs as
many on these lists have written about in recent weeks, and I'm sold!
They're certainly functional in the woods and the weight savings are
fantastic.  Using a windscreen seems to improve efficiency and allow one to
cook a Lipton's plus add-ins with 1-1/2 to 2 tabs instead of the 3 tabs
shown in Lynne Wheldon's Lightweight Video.

The problem is this:  Buying the tabs retail (12 tabs, $6) means your fuel
costs nearly as much as your food!  Not good!

It is possible to buy the tabs through a wholesaler in quantity.  I've been
in touch with the wholesaler that's been mentioned on this list as being
willing to sell a case of 12 boxes (12 tabs to a box) for $36.  However,
they have instituted a 4-case minimum ($144) in an effort to steer
individuals towards retailers.

Perpetual section hikers like myself or prospective thru-hikers probably
would not need 4 cases, though one or two cases might be fine.

I'm willing to front the $$$ to order four or more cases and have them
shipped to me, if there are others on these lists who would like to take
part of that order.  I would only want one, or possibly two cases, for

So here's a proposal:

Anyone interested in buying at least one case (12 boxes, 12 tabs to a box)
please contact me privately via e-mail.  I'll hold off until Dec. 15 to
compile an order.  If I have enough interest by then I'll e-mail those
who've responded and ask that payment be sent to me via snail-mail.  Those
who've paid by Jan. 5 will be included in the actual order sent at that time
to the wholesaler.  I'd ship out to you within a week of receipt of product
from the wholesaler.

To keep things simple, I'd like to stick to one case lots (you could order
one case or five cases, but not 4-1/2 cases).  Also, at this time I'm not
proposing to do a split order on the Esbit stove itself (they can be
purchased singly through Campmor or other retailers).  This would be a
one-time-only split order for Esbit fuel tabs; I'm not looking to go into
the Esbit business.

Cost would be $36 per case plus packaging/shipping costs from the Shenandoah
Valley to whereever you are.  When I e-mail you before placing the order,
I'll give a guesstimate for the packing/shipping costs based on the size of
your order and how far it's going.  I'm not interested in making $$$ on
this, neither am I interested in losing $$$.   Hopefully this can be a
win-win situation for those of us who have had an opportunity to use the
Esbit but have experienced sticker shock at the retail pricing.

Hope to hear from y'all.



Jim Austin, 297 Rhodes Way, Luray VA 22835


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