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[at-l] To introduce myself

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I am a long distance section hiker from Atlanta.   I was asking Orangebug about any other A. T. site that might be a little bit less controversal than the other I was posting on.  I am not interested in rehashing the same issues regarding reupping, guns or what they call the proposed A. T. extension.  I have my opinions but don't wish to argue on a list or worry about being "kicked off" a list because I said something that someone didn't agree.  Seems like no one ever wins!  So, I am looking for a site that is about hiking, perhaps some humor, but a site to share ideas, experience and the A.T. fever than I have!  I am currently suffering from ITBS and taking P.T., not progressing very well.  I miss the hiking so much and, as I live so near Springer, spent so many wonderful hours there!  So, for now, I will have to live vicariously through the hikes of others!  I sure hope that isn't for too long! (A.T. may be fatal to my health and wellbeing!)  Anyone else with ITB experience or suggestions please forward them to me!  Iceman has been a great help but I am always looking for all the ideas I can get to lick this thing!!  I have to return for another evaluation as the P.T. just dosn't seem to be helping much yet!  I was thrilled to see familiar names posted.  I look forward to being on this list!!!  Linda    

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