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[at-l] The Hiker's Bed?? was ANON SYMPTOMS LIST

     I have one word for y'all with regard to a throughhiker's bed: FUTON.
     (By the way, I'm speaking of a true futon here, not one of these 
     "foam-enhanced" lies which you actually are forced to pay extra for!)
     Futons (without the dang foam) are hypoallergenic, get FIRMER with 
     age, never creak, bounce, or shake with another's movements, are 
     cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's not; they can be folded into 
     chairs if they're smaller and couches when their larger, or left to be 
     gymnastics facilities (for the kiddies) when they're huge. They're 
     cheap for what-all they do, and you can "redecorate" by simply buying 
     a different cover.
     Alison and I have been futoning it for a dozen years now, and of our 
     queen (on which we sleep), our double (on which Connor and Cole sleep) 
     and our single (which we've had the longest, and was our only bed for 
     our first 6 months in Indy), none show any age.
     And the best part is that you never have to get used to sleeping on a 
     truly flat surface -- makes you feel quite at home in a leanto.

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Subject: Re: Re: [at-l] HIKE ANON SYMPTOMS LIST
Author:  TOKTAADN@aol.com at ima
Date:    12/3/98 5:06 PM

In a message dated 12/3/98, 3:56:00 PM, kahley7@ptd.net writes:
<<Nope!  In fact your tale make me wonder if you are eligible at all!!
I bet you spent the price of a Stephenson's tent on that mattress.
If you were really afflicted you would have skipped the mattress,
bought a thermarest and a new tent <g> >>

I'm sleeping on my thermarest until the furniture arrives on Saturday.  But
the hiker in me would definitely like to ditch the bed altogether.  But I
dismissed that thought as too weird, so I guess i retain some sanity.  $298
for the mattress -- not quite Stephenson's territory, but I would like to
invite some of his models over to help me christen the new mattress!  :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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