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[at-l] Re: (at-l) Thanksgiving hike

Lee I Joe wrote about his Lowe Contour IV. I'll ditto most of what he said.
Good price, nice size. Definitely get the external pockets right off -
there just is not enough pocket space if you don't (I gotta have outside
pocket space for all the neat crap I just HAVE to  get to easily during the
The other thing to watch for is being sure you get an extra big rain cover.
My old one which was bigger than my old pack was just too dang short for
this VERY tall pack. I haven't gotten my new one yet - Campmor has the Lowe
cover for their extra big packs, or the OR one which is mebbe better made,
and big enough? Any advice?
What this pack lacks too are those cool little mesh or other pockets for
sticking a water bottle in for easy access - I've though about one of those
bottle holsters you can put on your belt, but I really hate to have junk
flapping around and afraid these will do that - anybody have experience?
Fearless Phil

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