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Re: [at-l] A Thoreau quote

> I am presently reading the Journals of Henry David Thoreau.  
> This beautiful little gem should resonate with those of you who
> love the early morning hours:

[passage deleted]

My personal favorite is his 23 August 1858 entry:

"Emerson says that he and Agassiz and Company broke some dozens of
ale bottles, one after another, with their bullets, in the Adirondack
country, using them for marks! It sounds rather Cockneyish. He says
that he shot a peetweet for Agassiz, and this, I think he said, was
the first game he ever bagged. He carried a double-barreled gun -- 
rifle and shotgun -- which he bought for the purpose, which he says
received much commendation -- all parties thought it a very pretty
piece. Think of Emerson shooting a peetweet (with shot) for Agassiz,
and cracking an ale bottle (after emptying it) with his rifle at six
rods! They cut several pounds of lead out of the tree."

Gods fall.

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