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In a message dated 12/3/98, 3:56:00 PM, kahley7@ptd.net writes:
<<Nope!  In fact your tale make me wonder if you are eligible at all!!
I bet you spent the price of a Stephenson's tent on that mattress.
If you were really afflicted you would have skipped the mattress,
bought a thermarest and a new tent <g> >>

I'm sleeping on my thermarest until the furniture arrives on Saturday.  But
the hiker in me would definitely like to ditch the bed altogether.  But I
dismissed that thought as too weird, so I guess i retain some sanity.  $298
for the mattress -- not quite Stephenson's territory, but I would like to
invite some of his models over to help me christen the new mattress!  :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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