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[at-l] MPI Outdoors & Esbit Fuel orders

For those who've ordered their Esbit fuel tablets bulk via MPI
Outdoors, I called MPI today to determine the status of my Esbit fuel
order (MPI Outdoors 800-343-5827 and
http://www.adventuresports.com/asap/product/mpi/product.htm for the
web home page). 

Evidently the Esbit product MPI receives comes in from Germany and it
is in customs right now. When MPI receives it out of customs, they'll
begin shipping the Esbit product to those who've ordered it.

Basically, the deal at MPI is a case of Esbit Fuel for $36.00
(includes shipping, no phone orders). I think this is 12 packages of
12 tables in each package. They also sell the Esbit Stoves via
caseload too.

If you actually need a caseload of Esbit Stoves, then either you have
a huge family of hikers or you still have your purchasing hangup
problem and should continue to attend therapy.


PS: I noticed MPI Outdoors also sells a rechargable Air Horn...perfect
for trail use and being in the woods! 

Wait everyone, that's a joke. They do sell the air horn but it's
really not for use in the woods. I'm just kidding about that. So
please, no one buy an air horn...just keep attending therapy. Boy
would an air horn be funny at the shelter while wearing a clown
outfit...squeeze the nose, the air horn goes off. 

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