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[at-l] Salomon Boots

Gypsy wrote:

I just saw a nice pair of Salomon light weight boots in the Sierra Trading
Post catalog.  What I'd like to know is if the Salomons generally run true 
size, a little snug, or a little roomy.  I need a boot which is wide at the
toe and the Salomons listed are available only in medium; the only boot 
ever been able to wear is Vasque, since their mediums run a little wide. 
anyone out there have experience with Salomons?

I got a pair of these from Sierra, and they, for me with my big whopper ( 
13.5 men's) feet, ran a little small. Salomons historically ( I have 
another, older heavier pair)  ran narrow, and although newer lightweight 
boots don't seem as narrow as the older ones, they still seem a bit on the 
narrow side. I would go a half size up if you can. If they don't fit, send 
'em back, Sierra will take returns.

Chris Witzgall
Warrenton, VA

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