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[at-l] Princeton-Tec 2AA Waterproof Headlamp

Speaking of purchasing hangups...

Those Princeton-Tec headlamps from REI Outlet for $17.93 that
Victorinox Principal and I featured here on Hiker's QVC a couple of
weekends ago?

I bought one.

It weighs 5.75 oz with 2 Duracell AA batteries in it on my scale
(advertised was 4.5 oz with batteries).

The light beam is surprisingly bright -- brighter than I expected it
to be. No zoom feature but I don't need that. 

If I needed a fancy headlamp with flashers and turn signals, I'd use
the Petzl Mega Zoom that I own. 

How many headlamps do I own? Only my hairdresser knows for sure --
Madge says I'm soaking in them! Take a hike Madge!

If we all got our stuff together (good phrase) we could open a
pre-owned equipment store.

At least I didn't buy the Swiss Army Classic knife -- this shows
restraint on my part. Instead, I bought a sharpening stone and oil for
the no-name unsharp knockoff of the Classic that I already own. I can
also use the stone on the other honking-sized folding knives that I
own. Madge says I'm not only soaking in camp knives, I'm drowning in


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