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Re: [at-l] Hikers anonymous assoc

> some of my out-of-office experiences require me to drive past Campmor,
> Ramsey outdoor and EMS on the way back (not in that order).  It is 

I used to have that problem too, then I started working at Ramsey outdoor
and it stopped.  The majority of my paycheck never left the store.
(Occasionally I would sneak up to campmor after work since it was sort of
almost on the way home).

the kid in a candy store,

Jeff Mosenkis				Graduate Student,
jamosenk@ccp.uchicago.edu		Committee on Human Development
					Department of Psychology
					University of Chicago
	"The Blues isn't about feeling better, it's about making other
	people feel worse" - "Bleeding Gums" Murphy

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