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Re[2]: [at-l] Bear Season Report

     OrangeBug is right, Gunther. Bear Hunting reports are not about the 
     hunting, but about the bears. And for all the reasons which OrangeBug 
     notes, the size and number of the bears _harvested_ from particular 
     regions gives us more of a bead on that particular game population 
     than apocryphal (ouch) or anecdotal trail register entries. And 
     besides which, and just as important, this list does not hold well 
     with topical restrictions.....(Ahem, that said, can we perhaps not 
     commence a torrent of flamage on poor ol' Gunther P Ranger, who, by 
     the way, seems to have a trail name well-worthy of a long 

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Subject: Re: [at-l] Bear Season Report
Author:  Bill Thorneloe <thornel@ibm.net> at ima
Date:    12/2/98 9:06 AM

Gee, the bear stories do help to keep folks aware that bears are a problem,
that the LNT habits will help protect them form these problems, and keeps the
newbies alert. Bear stories are at least as helpful as ATML threads on the
names of spur trails. ;-)

Atlanta, GA

At 09:59 AM 12/2/1998 -0500, Gunther P Ranger wrote:
>Please do not give bear season reports.  Hunting has nothing to do with
>this list.  Also hunting of any type goes entirely against the leave no
>trace ethic that is so much talked about in the hiking community.  

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