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Re: [at-l] Hikers anonymous assoc

I certainly qualify, except for the salami's.  I just have jerky.

 The Highlander


> From: Phillips <gammara1@mediaone.net>
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> Subject: [at-l] Hikers anonymous assoc
> Date: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 8:26 PM
> I'm curious as to how many of you out there need to join this new group
> that is in formation- Hikers Anonymous Association. Symptoms of those
> who should join.
> 1) A new hiking store opens and you have to go see what they have, even
> though you have 3 sets of every piece of camping equipment ever sold.
> 2) A hiking or camping brochure arrives at work in the mail, and nothing
> seems to get done all morning until you've read it 3 times and
> highlighted new gizmos which youre sure you dont have.
> 3) when you walk into a hiking or camping store your teen age son or
> daughter demands to hold onto your wallet and credit card until you are
> safely out of the store and on the way home.
> 4) Your kitchen has salamis drying all year hanging from the ceiling
> just in case you get an opportunity to catch a quick 2-3 day hike and
> need ready access to dried meat.
> 5) your closets and freezer are full of dehydrated food
> 6) you eat your cereal at home with powdered milk
> 7) You rush home every nite from work to read ATML or ATL or PCTL
> I thought so- send in your name to be included in the group! :-))
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