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Re: [at-l] Change 'o subject - lightweight tent

Unc' Milty wrote:

>My friend Doug just ordered one of those 1.5 lb tents that was
>recently. I must admit I'm looking forward to checking this
thing out
>first hand.

Look for it around mid-December, which is when I'll be sending it
down to him. Nothing personal, Milt, but I hope you wind up with
a bad case of tent-envy <g>.

Went home for Turkey Day, so I was out of town the other day when
everyone was talking about the Nomad. I did want to back up
Wildbill by saying that although it looks very very inviting and
possible to do, please don't take flaming objects (stoves,
candles, monkeys) into the Nomad or under the vestibule awning -
it's just too durned risky. (And, if you think you saw me do it
at the Gathering, you were up too late with the Redhead the night
before, and probably were still hallucinating...) Seriously, it's
not worth the risk. Even if the fabric doesn't actually catch
fire, it melts quickly, and then you've got a big hole in your
once-trusty shelter.

Sorry, Ern, that I don't have a freestander designed, but who
knows what the future may bring... Takes more weight to make 'em
freestanding, and this'n is supposed to be all about
"Lightweight". Besides, this one's designed for 3 (thru-hiking)
season use, not really in the snow. Still, I'll see what I can do
down the road, alright?

And, for Gypsy - Mountain Roamer and Outta Chocolate used them on
their hikes this year (although their models were constructed of
Tyvek, the only difference was that the Tyvek models weighed
twice as much as the nylon ones I'm making now), so you can ask
them in another week or so what they think, since they've used
the Nomads more than anyone on Earth at this point in time <g>...

Kurt Russell
Wanderlust Outdoor Gear

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