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[at-l] Walasi-Yi

A couple weeks ago there was an appeal by the Hansens for letters
supporting the continuance of their lease at Walasi-Yi.  So now I've got
a question --- how many people have actually written and sent a letter? 

I'm asking because when we were looking for letters of support for the
PA horse wars, a lot of people actually did write --- but late. And
while they helped, it would have been better if the letters had gotten
there sooner. I think this might be another case of "sooner is better".  

I know - it's the holiday season and everyone is busy.  So how about we
give the Hansens a Christmas present --- a lot of letters.  

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny

PS -- if you're a couple, don't just send one letter -- you BOTH need to
write.  Numbers count and 2 is still more than 1.  :-)

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