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[at-l] AT too tough?

Hey, take it easy.  I knew there would be some who would jump all over me for
saying that parts of the trail seemed needlessly too difficult.  This is my
opinion, everyone doesn't think alike.  I certainly know I could have quit
anytime I wanted to, but I did the whole trail this year.  I also said there
may be good reasons why some areas are like this, trailbuilders and
maintainers do a tremendous job, and we don't know the reasons the trail is
located where it is.  But to me, it seemed like it was made senselessly
difficult in some places when it could have been avoided.  
The trail was not originally made for thru hikers, it was conceived and built
for people to spend a few days or few weeks in the wilderness away from
civilization.  Then, after a few years someone did a thruhike, something not
thought to be possible.  Now a few hundred do it every year.  But the vast
majority of hikers only hike parts of the trail at one time.  And I would
wonder in some of those very difficult areas, how enjoyable could this be for
I enjoyed my thru hike tremendously, I like physical challanges and got plenty
of that.  The scenery in many areas was spectacular and I didn't meet any
thruhikers that I didn't enjoy being around.  I think of the trail a number of
times every day.
I am glad to be in the company of Earl Schafer as far as this opinion goes,
but he also had alot of criticism for saying what he did.
Alot of people feel the AT is sacred and it is perfect the way it is.  I hold
the AT in high esteem also but think there is no reason why someone can't
express their opinions about the trail, positive or negative.
Like I said, I have my opinions, you have yours, so take it easy.
...Pitts. Rooster.

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