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Re: [at-l] AT too tough?

>I would have to agree with Kahley and Leapfrog, in a number of places 
the AT
>is senselessly too tough.  They take you through long stretches of rock
>fields, out on rocky outcroppings and long steep climbs to mountaintops 
>are enshrouded with trees so you can't see a thing except trees and the 
>satisfaction I got in these places was that of a good exhausting 
workout and
>the fact that I was in the wilderness. I would gladly struggle all day 
if the
>reward is a breathtaking view or open fields of farmlands and meadows, 
>other of the trails wonderful sights but often this is not the case.
>The AT was not made to thruhike. 

Perhaps it's more like "real life" than you thought!  Not every mountain 
top will have a view, and hard work is not always rewarded... indeed it 
would certainly be nice, but we all know how it goes.


Where you've been is dead and gone
all you keep's the getting there.
To live is to fly low and high
so shake the dust off of your wings
and the sleep out of your eyes...

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