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Re: [at-l] AT too tough?

I would have to agree with Kahley and Leapfrog, in a number of places the AT
is senselessly too tough.  They take you through long stretches of rock
fields, out on rocky outcroppings and long steep climbs to mountaintops that
are enshrouded with trees so you can't see a thing except trees and the only
satisfaction I got in these places was that of a good exhausting workout and
the fact that I was in the wilderness. I would gladly struggle all day if the
reward is a breathtaking view or open fields of farmlands and meadows, or
other of the trails wonderful sights but often this is not the case.
The AT was not made to thruhike. 
     INTERJECTION DEPARTMENT: I am not sure if this was mentioned later in 
     the conversation, but the AT's route is very much an artifact of it's 
     creation. It was routed to connect available scenic points, and to 
     connect available trailways, and to get the job done (in some places) 
     as expeditiously as possible in order to complete as much as possible. 
     So in some places (Snowbird Mtn since 1979 for me) views existing when 
     the trail was routed have be obscurred by years of growth, and in some 
     places the trail's routing has not been yet moved from the admittedly 
     imperfect/hasty construction of the original route. This explains 
     trails routes which are obviously decades old -- I don't know about 
     the ones which are brand new ....................
 I believe it's original purpose was so that
people could spend a day or a week or two in the woods and mountains.  But in
some sections I would think, what kind of enjoyment would the ordinary
occational weekend hiker get out of this grueling ordeal?  It's hard enough
for us seasoned hikers.
I don't know what you could do about it or if you would want to do anything
about it.  I'm just looking at it from a hikers point of view, I'm sure there
are many reasons why the trail is as it is.  Overall it is a spectacular
hiking trail but like with anything else, nothing is perfect.
...Pitts. Rooster.
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