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[at-l] The Creek is Risin'

My brother is in Mobile.  He was advised the water level might come up 15

"That should put the water level even with the top of the kitchen sink. 
I'll be sure to open the stopper."

I replied, "Naw, lift the toilet seat, so all the water can go down the
"big hole".  Be sure to keep flushing."

"Why lift the toilet seat, and why should I flush?"

"Doug, if you don't lift the seat and flush, you know who'll get blamed if
the seat is wet."

"Yeah, I hear ya, Ern.  10-4.  Keep you stick on the ice."

Ern Grover a.k.a. "Poor Writer"
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Today's Thoughts:  
Things you would NEVER hear a Southerner say:    
1.  "Duct tape won't fix that."
2.  "Wrasslin's fake."			

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