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Re: [at-l] http://www.delorme.com/topousa/

Although they don't have the same coverage yet I like TOPO! by Wildflower
Productions <http://www.topo.com> TOPO! joins all the individual maps
together (sans borders) into one continuous whole.
Several of the sections they do cover include some of the Appalachian Trail.


At 02:41 PM 9/26/98 -0700, Ern Grover wrote:
>Agreed.  Good product, TopoScout.
>> From: Bill Henry <bhenry@tiac.net>
>> I stopped at the new DeLorme store in Yarmouth last weekend and in about
>> seconds determined how inadaquate the product is. 
>> Now, if you want a better (and more expensive) product, try out

Jim & Diane Bullard
PO Box 5, West Stockholm, NY 13696 USA
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