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[at-l] Why Walk?

Just the other night when I found myself bright-eyed at 1:00 AM in the morning I looked across to my bookshelf and pulled from it one of the more inspiring hiking books I have read, The Complete Walker III.  Rereading the first chapter, "Why Walk?", I understood Colin's reasons more than I ever did.  As if my previous long distance hiking trips enabled me to relate better to the author.  Here are just two of the quotes Colin makes that I find interesting.
"Sometimes, when it is a matter of making a choice, I do not believe I decided what to do so much as discover what I have decided."
"In walking, as in sex, there's always a very good chance that you'll find, almost anywhere, given time, something that wows you."
Colin makes several good points about why we walk/hike/backpack.  I share many of his points of view.  I'd hate to open up a thread of conversation if this one has already been beaten to death by this list, but if not...  Why do you walk, hike, or backpack?
Happy Trails,
Jeff Walters
P.S. - I did get to sleep rather easily after finishing that chapter.
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
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