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Re: [at-l] Umbrellas

Hey Gypsy, umbrellas are also good protection from those flame throwers
:-)  I have used small cheap umbrellas occasionally since meeting The
Umbrella Lady in '82. She seemed to be enjoying her's, so I tried it
myself. Although I really only carry one once or twice a year at most and
usually on short trips, I've always enjoyed having it along. I find the
smaller umbrellas offer adequate rain protection for the head and
shoulders but not much else.  They're also nice in the snow and on day
hikes (I carry one more often on day hikes). I've never tried to modify
one but would consider it if I was going to use it for long distance
protection. I like the small umbrellas because they are easy to close on
the few occasions when the trail is too narrow. Maybe I'll get a titanium
umbrella and carry it all the time :-)


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