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Re: [at-l] How do you light your stove?

Try using one of those lighters that are designed to light gas BBQ's they
weigh a bit more but have a long snout to reach down.  They are also good
for lighting those candles in cans and jars.  There are a number of brands
out there so you would have to weigh a few to find the lightest.  Usually
these have a trigger so cold hands can operate them.  In fact the trigger
guard if it has one can be cut off to allow use with gloved hands.  Other
alternative is kitchen matches which allow you to keep your fingers a
couple of inches from the flame.

> I've used those disposable cigarette lighters to light my various white gas
> stoves for years and years, but it's finally occurred to me that they are
> not very well suited to the task.
> The main problem is that they are designed to work upright, but to get the
> little flame down to where the gas is you have to turn the lighter almost
> upside down.  Between the flame on the lighter itself, and the inevitable
> gas flare-up, you are all but guaranteed a singed thumb.
> In addition, I find it hard to spin that little thumb-wheel gizmo if my
> hands are cold.
> So, any suggestions out there for a more efficient, elegant, safe, of course
> light weight way to get that stove cooking?
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