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Re: [at-l] In season

There was a time, so I've been told, you could go to the Indian island for
free.  The Indians would pick you up on the Oldtown shoreline, ferry you
across, where you could look around and buy some wares.  To get back, you
could go for free, too, but you'd have to swim.  To return by boat, you had
to pay.  Very enterprising, to be sure.

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> From: Bucky <mfuller@somtel.com>
> To: AT-L <at-l@backcountry.net>
> Subject: Re: [at-l] In season
> Date: Wednesday, September 16, 1998 6:37 AM
> > hey look everybody! its the rare bigot! last bigot i saw in these parts
> > those homophobic ones all in a roar about womyn.... i wish i had my
> Here's some more bigotry for you to read, from the journal of
> another person who journeyed to Katahdin:
> "The ferry here took us past the Indian island. As we left the shore,
> I observed a short, shabby, washerwoman-looking Indian - they commonly
> have the woe-begone look of the girl that cried for spilt milk - just
> from 'up river' - land on the Oldtown side near a grocery, and, drawing
> up his canoe, take out a bundle of skins in one hand, and an empty keg

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